Welcome to The Gauche

29 May

Oh hai,

The word gauche, in its repeated use across the border between the French and English languages, has taken on a panoply of meanings. The French term ‘gauche’ denotes simply the left, or left-handed, etc. while the English use of the word has long been associated with vulgarity, lack of tact, and unkeeping with decorum. We, meaning Jon and I, really like the word and the connection it has with vulgarity. We want the gauche to be as intellectually gauche as we can.

Instead of expounding on our purpose, I would much rather propose that we (the readers and writers––the gauche community) read the happenings on this blog with a certain goal, lens, or perspective. My intention in this endeavor is merely to show my view that somehow the freest associations between concepts are great not simply because they’re free, but because they’re bound to each other. I hope this blog will show that sometimes a lack of discipline separating the various academic and intellectual disciplines that serve as bumpers between themselves is a way to something meaningful.

I mention my intent only because it serves as a preface for the only guarantee I can make about this blog––simply put, I can make no guarantees about the content of this blog, this (ad)venture. All I hope is that this blog will help engage us in the process of seeing better not only the structural lords that rule over all, that seem to inform all of our identities, arguments, creations, but also the always-alreadied individualities that inform their rulers. This blog has the capability of addressing everything…gauchely that is.

Enjoy the journey,


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