Iran: Building Nukes Never Helps

10 Jun

Whats the deal with  Iran? I can understand that they want to have the one thing that will instantly give them immense power, nuclear weapons. Some say they would only use these weapons to rape and pillage their surrounding neighbors and this would be a direct challenge to America’s control of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iranians and their allies say it is only for domestic civilian uses. I don’t think either side is entirely correct, the West is afraid they will started nuclear war and bully its neighbors, but honestly they are building these weapons as a great defensive tool. We won’t even invade an actual nuclear power.  Recently, Brazil and Turkey tried to broker a deal with their nuclear enrichment program, only to be upstarted by the American diplomatic efforts. The security council voted and decided that Iran had been too boisterous, to avoid some kind of punitive sanctions. Alas, these sanctions are the equivalent of a timeout – mainly saying they should not build nuclear weapons and that all boats entering Iran can be boarded and check for materials. These kind of sanctions are certainly not going to alter their current trajectory. Why were these sanctions so weak?

One word explains why these sanctions are fairly superficial – China. The Chinese helped restrict any serious economic sanctions, because they could potentially harm their neo-Colonial empire, economic growth and access to Iran’s bountiful oil and gas reserves.  Those darn Chinese always interfering with the fading Washington Consensus. But, seriously what good will harsh economic sanctions have? Would that even deter Iran from developing this destructive weapons? Unlikely based on the official response from the Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said imposing new sanctions “is not constructive, and will destroy the grounds for solving the current crisis” – (Washington Post).

So what can be done, if we actually want a nuke-free globe?

Do we continue to impose sanctions which appear to have no effect detering the enrichment of their weapons? Well I don’t think that will work, it might just anger them, isolate them and make them look more like North Korea. Or do we go in and invade them directly, allowing Israel to blow up all the facilities with its sneaky Mossad agents. That could actually work, but it might also spark an all out war, which should be avoided with us having so many troops in the Mid-East. The whole Israel aspect on this situation also strikes me as a bit ironic, because Israel continues to deny Iran nuclear weapons, but they still have these weapons themselves . So what gives them the right to destroy their weapons while keeping some amount in Israel? The United States backing, thus both Israel and the US are being completely hypocritical. It is unreasonable to expect America to allow Pakistan and Israel to develop and have nukes, but not Iran because they are not an ally in this war on terror (Whats the new name for it? Oh yeah, ‘Overseas Contingency Operation.’) I can actually sympathize with the Iranians, because their is a double standard for nuclear weapons.

There is another possibility I have concocted in my head. While it may sound outlandish we should just pay them billions of dollars to stop and reward them for being reasonable and stop making nukes. Maybe not directly, but offer to pay for oil pipelines, education programs, cultural exchanges, and help them modernize and all for the easy price of NO MORE NUCLEAR WEAPONS. I think it is reasonable, the combined cost of the whole Iraq and Afghan wars are over a Trillion Dollars, over 5000 Americans have died, at least 100,000 Iraqis have died, about 30,000 Afghans have died and two countries have been wrecked by years if war. Compare that with paying the Iranians to be peaceful, avoid war and spend money in a productive way. We even get to achieve several goals – nuclear proliferation, more peace in the Middle East, more economic growth and we challenge Chinese colonialism in the region.

Beyond trying to stop them from building nuclear weapons there are going to be other consequences in the region. Once Iran tests a nuclear bomb in some hidden underground complex of caves the world will know they something to back up their crazy talk. Its like some kids are playing with some super soakers, you have little Lebanon and Syria shooting each other and then child-size Ahmadinejad would have a semi-automatic gun and kill Iraq. WE all now we cannot have an entire nation be blown up for no reason, we already made that mistake with Iraq. Basically it is a massively unfair military advantage over its neighbors, excluding Pakistan and Israel. What will happen, when and yes I say when, because it is only a matter of time, when the Iranians have some missiles armed with a small uranium bomb strapped on its side? The first thing is that the UAE and Saudi Arabia will announce their own arms program, which they are funding right now and the US is not hindering them, if anything all the oil we buy from them funds that – again with that double standard. They will certainly feel as though their crazy neighbor, who is not Sunni is gonna kill them. Secondly, Israel with its arsenal will try to blow up any sites where weapons are being made. Finally the US will be blamed for not being super Uncle Sam and killing all the bad guys and spreading freedom through the middle east. In the end I hope we can find a more peaceful resolution to the potential political fiasco with Iran, because a third war Middle Eastern war in this decade would destroy my faith that the US can bring stability and instead is still an instigator of chaos.


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