Politics as Usual

16 Jul

Here is a letter I sent to the Boston Globe:

You report on Gov. Deval Patrick’s condemnation of the legislative logjam which he claims is the result of “bickering” and “increasingly heated rhetoric” (“Patrick decries logjam of bills,” July 14). Why does he act as if the rhetoric isn’t part of the job? He seems so surprised that politicians are acting like politicians.

When campaigning, almost all politicians squabble and deceive in the ways Mr. Patrick rails against: They regularly avoid “conversations with the principles” so as not to alienate their constituency. As it gets closer to the election day, they slander each other. And how many campaign promises are made that politicians know they can’t meet? Even Mr. Patrick is not free from this. No one is surprised this occurs.

If politicians are petty during campaigns, what makes the governor think they would be any different in office? Either Mr. Patrick is truly naïve or he’s just using predictable rhetoric.

Brent Butgereit


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