Review: Inception

17 Jul

The sci-fi, psycho-drama Inception was both entertaining and (somewhat) thought-provoking. Unfortunately, the commercials suggested the plot would be more complicated than it was, but the concept was very interesting nonetheless. There were a few notable instances of predictable outcomes, which were fueled by the ever-present – perhaps too present – question of “What is a dream/reality?” I won’t note them here for those who haven’t seen the movie because I still strongly recommend you see it anyway.

Though more developed than in other films, many of the characters were stuck in somewhat two-dimensional framework that hindered a truly dynamic interaction between them. If the ideal, developed character is a sphere and a simple, flat character is a circle, I see Inception’s characters as being cylinders (perhaps with rounded edges). The relationship between Eames and Arthur highlights this pretty well. Eames is the messy, imaginative forger and impersonator while Arthur is an efficient, unimaginative gunman (was he an architect?). They, of course, bickered and teased one another, but it ended up coming off as cheesy rather than grounded in a believable history of working together. Some other cheesy lines were slipped into the script (and often funneled through the chemist, Yusuf), but they were not terribly distracting.

It was not difficult to keep up with the storyline and, again, the motifs made it easy to guess what would come later, but Nolan did a stunning job of making the movie feel like the plot. The layering of dreams with the sense of revelation went really well together and it certainly contributed to the movie being mentally nourishing. That said, it was not quite as emotionally nourishing as it could have been because of the aforementioned problems of character development and some trite or overblown lines. Definitely worth watching once, perhaps twice. This is a film that I want to really really really like (and I’m willing to be convinced that I’m missing something) but can only really like.

Average Ratings:
Acting: B+
Plot: A-
Visuals: A+
Score: A+
Dialogue: B
Overall: B+


One Response to “Review: Inception”

  1. Louder Than Bombs July 17, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    Really enjoyed reading, keep it up!

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