The Government is Too Big to be Managed

31 Jul

I am not a libertarian, let me state this first. I am not making a claim that we need NO government, just that fact that after more and more information flows out of think tanks and researchers about the government, waste, unaccounted for funding, excessive and uncontrollable expansion of the ISA, the Inefficient States of America.

Where is the oversight or accountability. More and more politicians are still been caught in scandals of corruption or abuses of power?

If you have not read Top Secret America IT IS A MUST READ! This is a Washington Post report which is focused on that fact that, “The government has built a national security and intelligence system so big, so complex and so hard to manage, no one really knows if it’s fulfilling its most important purpose: keeping its citizens safe.” This scares me, to imagine the hundreds of billions if not trillions that has been spent to expand national security, counter-terrorism, intelligence and defense; then it has be to research and uncovered by the fourth pillar of this democracy. Two other issues with this massive expansion was that it was not actually a solution to a problem, but the perception that terrorism was a major issues. We all remember 9-11, but how many terrorist has even attempted to attack us at home? Maybe a handful, the Detroit plane guy, the shoe bomber, that silly guy in NYC and non of them were really prevented by measures installed after 9-11, if anything they all got through and were tripped up by their own missteps (Some more literal than others). All were failures at terrorism and likely only became terrorists as a response to our aggressive middle eastern policy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lastly, by creating a secret network of intelligence agency that are outside of the normal chains of command as well being hidden from the eyes of the taxpayers, who actually are funding all these programs.

That only scrathes the surface - this is just rebuilding money.

Can we wait for the government to fix itself or do we need to take action now? We not only pay for it all, but they serve us, this is a republic of the American people. I am not an advocate of a revolution, but I just want an honest assessment of how we are doing as a governmetn and a country. We cannot sustain over $3 Trillion dollar budgets.

US FEDERAL BUDGET: This excludes state government

If you include the money spent by state and local governments it is an additional $3.209 Trillion, which brings the total to about $6,700,000,000,000 DOLLARS or close to 46 percent of our national GDP, based on the GDP being $14.56 Trillion. That is about 24% of the entire world’s economy if it is about $60 Trillion. So if the $6.7 trillion budget of our entire government is about 10 percent of the world’s entire economic output we should be building a Utopia. Instead we are not even close to the top of of the OECD countries. Alas we are plagued by fewer jobs, a healthcare industry teetering on the edge, infrastructural failure and a low level of governmentally funded research/development. It is only through this kind of investment that the United States will be able to compete in this new multi-polar globe. I just wished we could cut the budget and reduce spending, which I will address in the near future.



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