Sounds of Mankind: A Music Review

3 Aug

Music is one of the most important stimuli in my life and without those catchy melodies wafting over my cubicle walls, I would never make it through my 9 to 5. Summer has allowed me to explore and search out new music. Flipping from myspaces to proper publications of the industry, I have found quite a few exceptions tracks and artists. A special thanks to Travis for giving me the best selection of music to aimlessly observe and to Colin for pushing me to listen to more hip hop and

Skybombers – They are an Australian rock band that evokes memories of when I first heard Jet in middle school. A blend of driving guitar, drums and a catcthy classic style of music that all gets your head moving. One of their better songs, enjoy –

Lame Impala is another set of Aussie musicians, but this one has a more melodic sound, slightly more poppy sound/ indie sound and they lyrics are a little easier to sing along with. Officially they are a psychedelic rock band that blends tradition and electronic sound to make an album that has become one of the most popular Australian realeases of the year and for me, Innerspeaker is one of the most solid rock albums of the summer.

Fuck Buttons – One of my favorite electronic duos, the combined work of  Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power help to make some awesome experimental/drone music. Their albums tend to have very minimalist electronic sound, that build into an enjoyable mix of instruments we know and future sounds. One of my favorite of their more ambient song, but don’t miss out listening to all of Tarot Sport, their most acclaimed album.

Afrojack – This Dutch Dj, real name Nick van de Wall is finally getting some recognition in the United States, going between major festivals throughout the land. He has built a reputation of creating innovative songs that really got your heart racing. What this guy to be a rising electronic artist and producer for years to come, until then enjoy this great club music.

Originally a French Canadian indie band, Islands has one of the most fun and uplifting bands I have got addicted to all summer. Overall they sound similar to a few other indie bands and have gone through several new members, I really like their first album Return to Sea with the single – rough gem.

Twin Sister – there are a 5 member electronic group mixes some chilled out keyboard, a guitar that acts as the bass, the steady but decidedly diminished drums all mixed together with Andrea Estella’s hypnotic vocals. So go ahead and listen to “I want a house” which is definitely their best song, hopefully with more to come.

Twin Sister – Free online EP

Elefant, a great NYC rock band that just broke up on June 30th of this year. Don’t be too hardbroken, they still have 2 albums chaulk full of nearly flawless rock songs. While it does not seem like their will reform, I will keep my fingers crossed.

But if cannot get enough about Elefant, former lead singer, Diego Garcia has put out a new single, a much more mellow and latin flow to this song than his previous music

Pete Rock is not only one of the most influential, but actually one of the best producer of a lot of 90’s hip hop and has since produced some of the most enjoyable, mellow, carefree and still composed beats. His album that is entirely beats and instrumentals is called PeteStrumentals. It contains some of the best songs to freestyle over or just let play when you need to focus. Also, Pete Rock combines many of the instruments of jazz music with the style and rhythm of hip hop creating beautiful ballads. Here is a good example of his work combining jazz into a tight instrumental set.

I left my favorite song of the summer for the end. Bombay Bicycle Club had a wicked good debut album, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose. This indie rock group from Crouch End, London might look like a bunch of punk high schoolers, but this skinny dudes can rock it out, with simple melodies that are easy to remember, but hard to get out of your head. They have also just recorded an entire acoustic record called Flaws, so if you don’t like how they sound with electronic guitars you could check out its single, Irovy and Gold.

Evening/Morning = Awesome


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  1. Andy Rogers how to get gigs August 5, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    you got here great list of musician that people barely know including me. thanks for sharing it at least now i know.

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